Posted by: euzoia | December 30, 2010

Fourth Kind

I just finished watching a movie titled “The fourth kind” which is claimed, based on true story. The director of the movie put some “real”footage to convince his saying. However, I am not gullible so it is hard for me to believe that this movie is based on true story. So I did little research using google ( I love this amazing engine search!), and found some facts that supporting my belief that the  movie is not based real events (You can read the link I gave below). I found that Dr Abigail Tyler  is just a made-up persona. She never exists in real life. Just in the movie. So, it is just a fiction, a creative work from those creative people behind the movie. Despite of this, the movie is a good one to watch, though.

Read this:
Fourth Kind” Insider: Yes, It Was Totally Fake
As if you needed further convincing that the so-called archival documentary footage in alien abduction flick Fourth Kind is falsified – now, a production insider confirms it.

An insider who worked on Fourth Kind tells io9:

I can assure you it is totally fake. The interviews were shot in High Def on a soundstage with actors and then made to look like bad home video. The college logos and video break-up was added by a visual effects team.   -this website is made up for the purpose of movie spoiler


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