Posted by: euzoia | September 2, 2010

Bikini Girls Massage operator fined |


AN operator of the former Bikini Girls Massage parlour in Perth has been fined more that $12,000 after admitting 43 breaches of fair trading and business name laws.

In the Perth Magistrates Court today, Bon Levi appeared for a scheduled trial but instead pleaded guilty to the charges.

He was fined $12,100 and ordered to pay court costs of $5000.

Consumer Protection brought the case after health salon job vacancies were advertised in community newspapers, failing to mention a requirement for staff to wear bikinis while massaging naked or mostly naked men.

The adverts also omitted information that candidates would effectively be sub-contractors who had to rent facilities from the operators.

The Commissioner for Consumer Protection believed the adverts were likely to mislead applicants as to the true nature, terms and conditions of employment, amounting to offences under the Fair Trading Act.

Magistrate Michael Wheeler today described the ads as leaving no doubt they were misleading as they did not state the true position.

In addition to a $9600 fine for fair trading breaches, fines totalling $2500 were imposed for Business Names Act charges of running a business under an unregistered name and carrying on an unregistered business.



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