Posted by: euzoia | June 23, 2010

Sex tape scandal: Indonesian pop star Nazril Irham facing 12 years’ jail for breaking strict obscenity laws

 | Mail Online

An Indonesian pop star has been arrested over an alleged sex tape scandal.

Nazril Irham, better known as Ariel, could face 12 years in jail if found guilty of violating the country’s strict anti-pornography law.

Two separate videos allegedly showing the 28-year-old in bed with a different celebrity girlfriend started circulating on the internet in early June.
Arrest: Nazril Irham, pictured with Luna Maya, is being held over sex videos

Arrest: Nazril Irham, pictured with Luna Maya, is being held over sex videos

The scandal topped newscasts for weeks and dominated chatter on social-networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Police chief Zainuri Lubis said the singer turned himself in yesterday after he was named a suspect in the case.

The two women seen in the videos, his actress and model girlfriend, Luna Maya, and Cut Tari, the host of the gossip show Insert, were witnesses in the case, he added.

The case angered Islamic groups which sealed off a restaurant owned by one of Irham’s girlfriends.

It has also been used to revive a plan by a minister from the Islamist PKS party to regulate Internet content.

Under the pornography law, anyone who produces, makes, copies, circulates, broadcasts, offers, trades, loans or provides pornography can be jailed for between six months and 12 years and can be fined up to six billion rupiah (£450,000).

Authorities have until this morning to determine if there is enough evidence to charge Irham.


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