Posted by: euzoia | April 21, 2010

Media Prostitutes Itself Over Obama

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on Sunday – Jul 27th, 2008 at 7:41 am Michael wrote:

I think the myth that the media is too liberal is preposterous. It is simply a talking point for Republican fat cats. Perhaps if John McCain is hadn’t practically given Bush an endorsement he wouldn’t have the lead weight of the Bush presidency around his neck. This is a grave of his own making and the media is not to be blamed for the inadequacy of a candidate. If the Republicans could drum up someone worth talking about it would be easier for the media to portray their candidate in a good light. As it is McCain, who was once a respectable and honest man, has sold his soul to the most internal devil of the Republican party. If you need further convince on this point, I suggest you look for the new book “Gook”. It may turn a few heads.

on Sunday – Jul 27th, 2008 at 12:58 pm Spencer wrote:

The media does prostitute itself over Obama. Only ignorant leftist Democrats would not be able to see the extreme liberalness of the Media.

on Sunday – Jul 27th, 2008 at 1:10 pm Joel D. wrote:

Ah yes, the liberal media that exists only in the minds of the driveling fools that still think Fox actually reports news. That same ‘liberal’ media that was leading the charge into the nightmare that is Iraq, that liberal media that ignored the actual substance of the Kerry campaign so they could talk about the Swift Boaters some more. That oh so liberal leftist media that has been publishing white house press releases as if they were actual news stories. Yes, the liberal media is sucking up to Obama SO HARD that Fox only misspells his name as Osama once or twice a day! And the liberal media only brings up the fact that he wore a muslim headdress once or twice a week now! All hail the liberal media, it is a virtual monument to Marxism.

on Sunday – Jul 27th, 2008 at 1:28 pm Nate M wrote:

The media is run by private companies, and like any other company their goal is to make money. If they do cover Obama more it is because more people are interested in his campaign. A tour of Europe is going to be big news regardless of which candidate does it. The real reason McCain cannot get any media attention is that he is to old and tired to keep up with the much younger and energetic Obama. McCain is going to be crushed in the election because he is just to old.

on Sunday – Jul 27th, 2008 at 1:40 pm ZZ Bachman wrote:

The democrat left supports a socialist reform of government and a redistribution of wealth in the U.S. No one in his right mind can deny this. Obama and his wife Michelle have somehow only recently become more “moderate” in their public positions and ideology. Their recent middle of the road rhetoric will move sharply left once in the White House. The New Yorker (a left leaning publication by the way) got it right with their botched satirical cover. The MSM is not necessarily liberal…. it is just emphatically stupid, gullible and afraid of being politically incorrect in peeling the onion back on Barack. He will likely be the next President but for all the wrong reasons… !

on Sunday – Jul 27th, 2008 at 1:56 pm michaelann bewsee wrote:

I do believe the media “likes” Obama better than McCain, but it is even more true that factual mistakes McCain makes are overlooked or, more common, downplayed, whereas if Obama said something similar, the media would immediately raise questions about Obama’s fitness for president. For example, mcCain recently referred to the Iraq/Pakistan border, when the two countries don’t border each other.

on Sunday – Jul 27th, 2008 at 2:18 pm mark wrote:

There is strong evidence that McCain was an adulterer and a bigamist back when he left his wife. Personally, I think he did nothing that should affect this campaign, but the evidence for Clinton’s similar deeds was much less strong, and the media played it up over and over.

The only reason I mention it at all is that if Barack had done anything like this, we’d be hearing it 24/7. Indeed, McCain has said numerous foolish things in the last month any one of which would have been campaign ending if Barack had said them.

The media has let him get away with it. The notion that our media is liberal is simply another wingnut proposition that many duped Americans continue to accept.

on Sunday – Jul 27th, 2008 at 2:37 pm Josh wrote:

Look you people are so blind?..or is it a self induced ignorence I can’t tell. EVERY media organization is leading one way or another Most are leaning toward Obama anyone that watches them and has a stopwatch can tell you that. This ultimately will be his downfall not because the media doesn’t support him but because they will be watching him so hard. If he screws up once they have to report it because they report such minuscule good a prayer he said at the wailing wall or how much he generously tipped his waitress I mean come the f on. There is no reason to report any of that I would say McCain is getting fair coverage compared to past elections but Obama is getting multiple times the coverage of anyone I have ever seen. And yes Fox is for the right but CNN, MSNBC, and anything not Rupert Murdoch is left (quote from a CNN anchor). The more you people put Fox news out there the more it will be watched. I guess noone against Fox has business degrees and somehow they don’t realize that any publicity is good publicity. Also i was wondering is there some secret school the Liberals have where they train you to spout the same bs over and over its uncanny how much talking to a Dem/Lib is like talking to a machine the same canned response over and over and if you ask them why they get angry…I always reminds me why im not one, it scares the hell out of me.

on Sunday – Jul 27th, 2008 at 2:45 pm David wrote:

Yea, the liberal media which covers Michelle Obama’s “elitism” but dares not touch Cindy McCain’s billion dollar inheritance, 7 private homes, loan scandals, and private jets. Speaking of the new Mrs. McCain, how come nobody in the liberal media covers McCain cheating on his first wife (once she was crippled in a car accident) with Cindy while still married (he was even still married to his first wife when he married Cindy), and then finally divorcing her?

the liberal media which refuses to cover the remnants of the Keating Five scandal, including his falsified IRS tax returns, and mafia connections

the liberal media which doesn’t point out the ridiculously large number of supposed “misstatements” about McCain’s supposed area of expertise, including
– claiming the existance of an Iraq-Pakistan Border
– repeated confusion of Sunnis and Shiites
– complete absence of knowledge on the timing of the Anbar Awakening relative to the troop surge
– claims as to the “saftey” of Iraq, even as he is covered by armored vehicles and air cover while strolling through a “peaceful market”
– his claim that the Iranians are training Al-Qaeda (despite the fact that Iran and Al-Q are warring religious factions) in Iraq
– his numerous votes against troop funding, including the new GI bill, troop health insurance, helmets and bullet-proof vests for soldiers on the ground, and many more, giving him one of the lowest ratings in the senate by multiple military organizations (all while hammering Obama for his ONE, SYMBOLIC vote against troop funding)

the liberal media which doesn’t examine his economics record, including
– his repeated prior claims to have no economic knowledge
– his flip-flops on the bush tax cuts
– his repeated claims that tax cuts raise tax revenue (which has been a false Republican talking point for years)
– his statements regarding placing Phil Gramm as chairman of the Federal Reserve, the same Phil Gramm who headed the removal of Banking laws which were made to prevent catastrophes like the subprime mortgage scandal
– his insistance, along with Bush and one of his campaign advisors, that the current recession is all “psychological” caused by a “nation of whiners”

not to mention the liberal media which goes on and on about Obama’s few policy retoolings (most of which are only miniscule shifts) while refusing to notice the innumerable mccain flip flops on
– Roe v Wade
– torture (including waterboarding)
– what religion he is (recently claimed to be baptist despite being episcopal his entire life (including a week prior to this claim), and never having been baptised Baptist)
– what he thinks of the christian right
– offshore drilling
– iraqi requests for leaving iraq
– public financing (while McCain himself is technically following public financing law (although he didnt in the primaries), all of his fundraising is directed towards the RNC, which does not follow the very law he’s blasting Obama for not following)

calling social security “disgraceful” (even as he gets one of the largest possible benefit checks from it each month), admitting to the use of prostitutes, and many more embarrassing escapades.

oh, good thing the liberal media covers all of this stuff.

on Sunday – Jul 27th, 2008 at 2:55 pm Josh wrote:

See David you just proved my point I could copy and paste what you have said here from any number of Lib/Dem websites. lol You guys are so predictable. Its awesome i would love to have free people work for my campaign as hard as you work for Obama’s. lol I would do the list of Obama faults but I just looked it up and its 6 pages long so I guess since you showed an aptitude for google there you can find them on your own.

on Sunday – Jul 27th, 2008 at 2:59 pm Josh wrote: here is one you can’t say is touched by American media “biased” because its from Israel.

on Sunday – Jul 27th, 2008 at 3:32 pm David wrote:

well josh, a few things

1st: of course youre going to find similar analysis of McCain’s history in a number of places–do you think that somehow different places are going to be privy to different facts? why in god’s name would you expect to find completely novel information?

2nd: free people working for a campaign is called ‘volunteering’, and it’s pretty common in campaigns that have some enthusiasm behind them. although i guess you can try to frame it as a flaw in my post if you really want.

I think what needs to be recognized is that if any single one of these things happened to Obama, the press would cover it for days on end (ie, Rev. Wright). I understand that both candidates are flawed–they are human after all. What is important is that there is not a “media bias” for Obama any more than there is a media bias for McCain. All that’s happening is that every station is covering what will give them the best ratings, and because Obama’s candidacy is more novel, it makes for better news.

on Monday – Jul 28th, 2008 at 2:39 am Rodneyj43 wrote:

I’ve been a news junkie ever since my 5th grade teacher took us on a field trip to visit various party headquarters in town during the 72 election. I listened to international shortwave as a hobby from about the same age and have logbooks full of stories as broadcast by various international broadcasters; so I definitely know the difference between objective reporting and propaganda (and everybody does both, some more objective than others, certainly) when I hear it; and I must tell you that the mainstream american media has basically been bought and sold by the large corporations. Huge case in point was the recent Judiciary Committee hearing on “Constitutional Limits of Executive Power” where senators and their witnesses were basically arguing the case for the impeachment of President Bush. Here it was, the biggest hearing of the decade, a hearing where the sentiment of the american people was well represented. It was a big story, and a similar hearing that happened on Capital hill anytime before 1990 would have preempted almost all american entertainment programing on all networks because of its importance. Did the mainstream media even cover it live? Of course not. Did they even bother to offer in depth analysis of the hearing afterwards? Of course not. Was it news? Of course it was. I am getting outraged with the american mainstream news media because it is now completely devoid of any sort of journalistic integrity. In retrospect, the turning point probably was CBS caving to big tobacco on a 60 minutes story during the 80s (well covered by the movie “The Insider” starring Al Pachino). CBS once put the entire network on the political chopping block in their support of Ed Murrow while he stood toe-to-toe with McCarthy’s “red scare,” but now is as guilty as any other network as far as their news coverage being “for sale” to large corporations. Welcome to laizzes faire news coverage, I hope you’re getting your money’s worth because I certainly am not.

With respect to Obama, the saturday night live satire of the debates was basically spot on. The large media outlets have basically given him a free ride early in the election cycle by not pinning him down on any of the basic issues; why blemish a clean slate. Now the rather sycophantic press has somewhat admitted to the glowing coverage by claiming that it is a ‘historic moment’ that people (and the folks trying to sell those people something) want to know about. But ask anyone on the street if Obama beat Clinton ‘in a landslide’ during the primaries and you’d likely hear the answer ‘yes,’ when in fact Obama hasn’t won the nomination even yet. This is the effect of propaganda, not objective news reporting. I’ve always been a fan of CNN since their inception, but this election cycle has been so sycophantically slanted towards Obama that its been disgusting and quite frankly embarrassing. Might I mention at this point that I am a life-long democrat, and rarely ever considered a centrist. I would say I have a lot more in common with Abbie Hoffman than Barack Obama, but maybe that’s because I still don’t know who Obama is, and since the mainstream news media is all too quick to defend him on his 180 on the FISA legislation, reading between the lines has clued me that his voice has been paid for, in that case by the telecoms. Which leaves one to wonder who else has their hand in that cookie jar. Obama has made more rookie mistakes during this campaign than any other I’ve been watching closely, and the media, usually chomping at the bit ready to go for blood, has decided to focus on what a great orator he is, comparing him to JFK and Lincoln of which he is clearly neither.

on Monday – Jul 28th, 2008 at 2:39 pm vietVet wrote:

The media? “Freedom of the press”? That media? Liberal leftists? Oh man, you gotta be kidding me. They haven’t reported any significant truths since Bush was elected. They hide the Consititution burning in our faces, back the lies that started this war, don’t mention the articles of impeachment that have been brought up 3 times, neglected proper investigation of voter fraud, etc, etc, etc. That liberal media? *giggles* Faux News?

Excuse me while I go throw up on the new Nazi Amerikkkan Bush Regime…Long live Prescott.

on Tuesday – Jul 29th, 2008 at 3:17 pm Josh wrote:

Hmm I must concede to Rodney as I have been searching for 2 days and can’t seem to find anything wrong with what he said. Good show. As with “vietvet” I would venture to say you are around 15 or 16 with some preconceived parent perpetuated idea that the government is evil and the world will end if McCain wins. All I can say is look at NEWS not blogs those are not news and never not most of the time but NEVER have correct facts. And if you really are a VietVet thank you for your service and I think you need your meds again. Oh and btw I have been to Iraq twice and Afganistan once so I speak with confidence when i say things are much better there and they do appreciate us way more than this “conservative” media ever wants you to believe. I was given a Mercedes when i was there because I saved a little girl from being run over and almost daily we would turn away gifts. namely because we didnt know which were actually gifts and which were bombs. If you wanna see thanks try this we got shot at while in a convoy once on the way back to the FOB it was very crowded and we were afraid to return fire because we would hit innocents but the shots stopped after about 20 seconds then while we were dismounted some iraqis brought us the men responsible all tied up and beaten and said “gift” probably the coolest thing I saw while there.


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