Posted by: euzoia | April 9, 2010


We all dream of having beautiful, glowing, wrinkle free skin. Both men and women spend a lot of time looking after their skin and following strict beauty regimes, but sometimes even that is not enough to get the effect we are really looking for.

Our fresh-faced celebrity idols always have the most radiant skin and effortless glow – and now you can too! Dermaroller Microneedling will reduce spots, redness and brown spots (marks) as well banishing scars, stretch marks and other marks.

Sound too good to be true? Well it’s not! And even better, it is incredibly simple and actually it’s your body that does most of the work!

The Dermaroller, rather than covering or stripping skin cells from the surface, makes tiny (less than 0.1mm width) columns in the skin and encourages your body to repair itself from deep below the surface. New collagen is formed, new skin cells develop and rejuvenated blood capillaries carry fresh new oxygen and life into your skin. This fresh skin looks healthier, fuller and refreshed. Obviously this takes a little while to happen but you should start to see positive results within around 6 weeks of your first procedure, with final results at about 6 months.

And the best part is…there is no need for extensive recovery time as your skin will be back to normal in only a day. In fact, immediately after treatment you will have what looks like mild sunburn that fades within only a few hours. After that you will only see a slight redness that will most likely disappear completely within 24 hours. As the days and weeks pass your skin will look healthier and more radiant.


Dermaroller Therapy. Only certified clinics and practitioners can carry the Dermaroller brand and administer treatments. You can now find us listed on where you can read much more about the treatment and read personal experiences and testimonials.

I think that many men and women will feel the benefits of such a simple and natural way to getting the skin that they want. Whether it is getting rid of old acne scars, relieving yourself of pesky marks or just revitalizing your skin, Dermaroller Microneedling offers you a quick and long lasting treatment.

Averagely we would recommend 3 treatments in six-week intervals, but obviously we consult with you personally to tailor treatments to suit your needs or results. Using a VISIA Skin Complexion Analysis we can customize your treatment and show you exactly how your treatments are progressing. Even the smallest changes can be picked up so you can see what a real difference it is making to your skin.


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