Posted by: euzoia | September 8, 2009

I’m 22 and he’s 35. Why is everyone freaking out? | Ask Bossy Blog

God is always the answer!

Age is not barrier to love!

Today 13 years difference my seem quite a gap, however it was not that long ago when it was the norm for men to be a lot older then women.

It is a medical fact woman mature faster then men. Men’s brains don’t finish developing till about 27. the last part of a mans brain to fully develop is the ability to understand the consequences of their actions, which is the reason the army target young men to fight, as they will charge where an older man will think about the situation more!

God encourages us to refrain from Marriage till after we are past the Bloom of youth!

If you feel comfortable and secure with this man, and are willing to dedicate your life to him under Gods protection of holy matrimony, then what matter what anyone thinks of the age difference.

By dedicating your life to understanding Gods will, and living a good Christian life, your life will be full of love and joy.


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