Posted by: euzoia | July 11, 2009

A note for you

Black saturday

My beloved black has gone forever
I will not meet him anymore..he is died this morning. IHe is very kind dog to everyon. I love him so much. Yhis is the first time I am so devastating losing of something that I love. He is not just a dog..he has accompanied me..he lestened to me. Every night I would go to see him thhrough the window ..just anted to check him..and I opened the door ..he woked up staring at me…an I approaches him…he is so cute..and now I will not see his cuteness..I will not see his energic move..I will not see his cute face..I will not see his kind eyes I will not see him welcoming me everytime I go out
.I will not see him waiting to take food from me..I will not see him for anything anymore…because he is goneforever…I am so sad..whole day I keep crying..even when i  write this…my tears are going down my face…He is such a nice dofs…I havent seen him for long anyway..since I came back from australia..he is my loyal friend..I can talk anything to him..he just listened…..I have been so depressed since I returned from aussie..and he is always theer for me..during my crying in nights…he just listens to me…he seems undertand what happen to my life…I missed him….I will not have him to share my share my share my sorrownes to share my depression…I feel bad losing him…I wish I could make him awake….Black..thank you for always being there for me..thank you….I willl laways remember you…I can’t forget you….missing u….Black (Aug 2006 – July 11, 2009).


PS : I don’t want to edit the post  ..I just leave it with the spelling errors. it comes from my heart breaking


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